Skunk & Raccoon Removal in Brooks, Waterville, Augusta, Camden & Brunswick, ME

skunk removal, Brunswick ME

Save Your Home From Smelly Skunks

Take advantage of our humane removal methods

What's that smell? It's the sweet smell of victory surrounding your home when you know that skunks can no longer enter your property. Let the wildlife removal experts at Northeast Wildlife Services give you that satisfaction. Using humane methods, we'll trap and remove skunks from your property-making sure they never find their way back in.

Skunks may look cute, but they carry harmful diseases and may pose a threat to your safety. Call today to schedule your skunk removal service. We offer free estimates in the Brooks, ME area.

Keep raccoons away from your personal space

Raccoons are pesky animals who will rummage through your trash cans and gardens searching for food. Not to mention, they can carry rabies and other dangerous diseases. Don't let their curiosity ruin your property. Instead, let us use one of our humane removal methods, followed by sealing open holes or installing one-way doors.

Reach out to our team today to schedule your appointment for animal removal services.