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Northeast Wildlife Services provides professional animal control services in Brooks, Waterville, Augusta, Brunswick, Camden ME and surrounding areas.

Our wildlife control specialists know how to trap and remove a wide range of animals without harming them. Whether your house is being overrun by bats, raccoons or flying squirrels, we can remove them safely. You can also rely on us to block entry points, which will keep wildlife from taking up residence in your house again.

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Wildlife Control

We'll remove animals quickly and humanely.

wildlife control, Brunswick ME

Bat Removal

Trust us to remove bats from your attic.

bat removal, Brunswick ME

Flying Squirrel Removal

We have experience removing all kinds of squirrels.

flying squirrel removal, Brunswick ME

Attic Restoration

Hire us to clean up your attic after a bat infestation.

attic restoration, Brunswick ME

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Northeast Wildlife Services offers animal control services and attic restoration services in the Brooks, Waterville, Augusta, Camden & Brunswick, ME area. We'll never take a penny from a customer unless we're sure we can provide a proper wildlife control solution.

Customers appreciate our work because:




  • We provide 24/7 emergency wildlife control services
  • We clean up contaminated attics
  • We offer free estimates

















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