Bat Removal in Brooks, Waterville, Augusta, Camden & Brunswick, ME

bat removal, Brunswick ME

Are Bats Roosting in Your Attic?

Schedule 24/7 bat removal services in Brooks, Waterville, Augusta, Camden & Brunswick, ME

Don't continue to ignore the bat family residing in your attic. Bats can carry rabies and should be removed by a professional. Our bat removal specialists will inspect your structure to figure out where bats are entering. Once we locate the access points, we'll install a one-way door that will funnel them out of your house and keep them from getting back in.

Turn to Northeast Wildlife Services for bat removal and exclusion in the Brooks, Waterville, Augusta & Brunswick, Camden MEĀ area. Our bat exclusion pros can block entry points to keep bats out. We can also install a bat house in your yard that will give bats in your area a comfortable place to roost.

3 great reasons to schedule bat removal services

Northeast Wildlife Services can remove bats from your attic or chimney in Brooks, Waterville, Augusta, Camden & Brunswick, ME at any time of the day or night. You should schedule professional bat removal services because:

1. Bats can transmit rabies
2. Bats will continue to re-enter your home unless exclusion steps are taken
3. Bats leave smelly droppings

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